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We provide wide range of qualified services to our customers.

MVAC Systems

Our Air-Conditioning Department specializes in design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and project management for HVAC systems that include sea water cooling plants, air-cooled refrigeration plants, VAV systems and automatic controls systems for office buildings, commercial complexes, institutions, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings and residential buildings.


Electrical Installation Services

We provide a full range of services for electrical systems, including design, testing and commissioning for systems such as main switch cubicles, sub-main switchgear distribution systems, final sub-circuit systems and emergency generator installation and extra low voltage installation systems for various residential, industrial, institutional, commercial and data /computer centre projects.

Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Our P&D team of professional engineers has extensive experience in design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of P&D Systems for various types of developments, including residential, industrial and commercial projects.


Fire Service Installation

Our Fire Services Engineering Department provides contracting services for a full spectrum of fire suppression and detection systems. Our technical competence and ability to meet stringent acceptance criteria and statutory approval to the client.

Preventive Maintenanc Systems

Preventive Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance Team has fully trained engineers and technicians, it is our after sales services. We adopted preventive and comprehensive maintenance, this enables greater cost effectiveness, and improves operating and safety performances.

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